Those of you who know me and follow me on twitter know I got married recently. I decided to take my husband's last name and that gave me a little bit of an identity crisis. I started looking at all my usernames and realized my internet identity was a tad spastic. Some places I have my maiden name, others I use buildswithrails. I figured it was time to start unifiying everything. Although buildswithrails has been good to me I've decided to get everything under one easy name, so I went with "eileencodes".

It's short, it's sweet, and it's easy to remember. Most of all it doesn't rely on a coding language or my last name to identify myself. So now I am eileencodes on twitter, at my blog, and on github. It will be easier for other people to know who I am and I won't feel like I need to explain my life story when asked for my handle.