Wow, it's been awhile since I have written...anything. I have somewhat maybe good excuses. I have been obscenely busy and have unfortunately not been able to write any Ruby or Rails. It's very sad, but all of that will change next Monday because I have found a new job working in information security. I'll get to write rails all day long and I'm so excited.

Another life change that is keeping my very occupied is that I am not engaged and wedding planning is consuming the hours I'm not spending working or filling out paperwork for my new job.

My life will soon return to normal and I will be able to write again. Also since I'm leaving my job I could no longer host on our work servers, so i've moved myself to AWS. So far I like it becasue I can control my own servers and play around a bit. 

I feel like although I haven't written blog posts, my yearly goals are still in place and I'm working towards them. This new job will definitely make me better at Rails, JavaScript and MySQL. I have a ruby gem started and hopefully by next week will be able to get back to working on it.